Top Female Libido Boosters

We have done a thorough research and tested various female libido boosters to come out with the top 3. If you are looking for a way to boost your sexual libido, you need to select from the top 3 list. They truly work because our tests confirmed it.

No 1 – Femgasm 

What is Femgasm?

Femgasm is a sexual enhancer supplement which you can take to increase your low libido. It can be used by any woman regardless of her age. It is made using the ayurvedic form of medicine and it does deliver positive results. It is the solution for women that want to boost their sexual desire.

Femgasm Results
Femgasm gives result in as little as 5 minutes. This means that you should take it 5 minutes before sexual activity. It gives in instant result.

Femgasm Side Effects
There are no side effects associated with the intake of Femgasm. This is so because one straight reasons. It is made using natural ingredients and it does not contain any toxic chemicals. The only thing you will encounter after taking femgasm is that you will need sex immediately.

How Femgasm Works
2 hours before you begin your sexual activity with your partner, take 1 to 3 pills of Femgasm and it will increase your libido within some minutes. A pill of femgasm will last for 1 day and some hours.

Femgasm Ingredients

What makes Femgasm so effective is the ingredients used in making it. One of the most effective ingredients used in making this female libido enhancer which works well is horny goat weed. Horny goat weed is a very effective aphrodisiac used to make this product. This proves the effectiveness of this female libido enhancer. Another essential ingredient used in making this product that makes it effective is Damiana. For many years now, Damiana has been utilized in natural medication to remedy sexual difficulties in women. It functions by enhancing the rate of testosterone in your system and in return it will increase the low rate of your libido level. It aids to give women strength during sex and boosts their general sexual capability of a female.

Additional ingredients used in making Femgasm are pueraria mirifica, tribulus terrestris and the rest of other ingredients.


Based on the ingredients used for making Femgasm and the reviews from customers who have tried it as seen by me at most of the popular sites on net like yahoo answers, amazon, answerbag, I will conclude that it works. This is not only the reason to justify the capability of this product.

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No 2 – Horny Goat Weed

Horny Goat Weed may sound a little comic, however it has been in use for thousands of years with a sound reputation as an excellent aphrodisiac, and to combat sexual dysfunction in both men and women.

The Horny Goat Weed Extreme formula, does not only contain Epimedium extract, but also other powerful aphrodisiacs in extract form, Maca, Tribulus, & Ginseng to have the single most effective natural formulation to support sexual function.

What does it do?
Used as a traditional botanical medicine in China and Japan, Horny Goat Weed is used medicinally for disorders of the kidneys and liver as well as the joints, though is best known as an aphrodisiac, and an anti impotence remedy. It is believed that Horny Goat Weed has testosterone-like effects which stimulates sexual activity in men by increasing sperm production, stimulating and increasing sexual desire. In women it is said to increase desire & libido, so regular use can help support higher performance both in the gym and the bedroom.

Horny Goat Weed Extreme can support:

•  Libido in men and woman

•  Erectile function

•  Sexual pleasure

•  Overall sexual performanc

What will I experience when taking them?
When you take Horny Goat Weed, both Men and woman will experience significant increased sexual desire, longer and more optimum orgasms, and it can support erectile function in men and improve their overall performance. Some may notice a slight tingling and warm sensation in the genitals.

Are there side effects?
Horny Goat Weed should not give you any unpleasant side effects, however if you are on medication or have any medical condition check with your doctor first.

How do I take it?
Take 2 – 4 pills prior to sex to enhance your sexual performance, and improve the hardness of erections, as well as increase libido.

What are the ingredients?
Each pill contains

•  Horny goat weed extract (PE 20%)

•  Tongkat ali extract (PE 100:1)

•  Semen cuscutae extract (PE 10:1)

•  Piper nigrum extract (PE 95%)

•  L-Arginine

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No 3 – Female Rx

What is Female Rx™?
It is a female libido booster which you can take to increase your sex drive. It is harmless and a cool means to heat up your craving, pleasure and the sexual reactions which enable sex to be marvelous and satisfying.

Female Rx will fix the major female’s sexual health worry:

* It will enhance your sexual libido as well as rejuvenate your lack of sex drive.

* It will increase your state of pleasure at the time of foreplay

* It will increase the rate of blood flowing to your vagina and in return it will engorge your clitoris.

* It deepens your sexual sensation

* It will hasten your level of arousal and makes you climax fast.

* It fortifies your orgasm and enhances your chance of reaching multiple orgasm

* It will give you more interest in sex and also gives full satisfaction

* It boosts your fertility rate by intensifying and toning up your whole reproductive system

It contains the natural ingredients which do not require any prescription at all. You can think of it as the women’s Viagra, a product which boosts sexual energy, intensity, interest and also pleasure.

Our way of life nowadays is difficult. Tiredness, steady obligation, the joint demand of work and home and the inability to keep a healthy diet in your hectic times all have prejudicial effects on your sexuality.

Face it, today’s lifestyle is tough. Fatigue, constant responsibility, the dual demand of work and home, even the difficulty of maintaining a healthful diet in your busy schedule

How Female Rx Works?
Female Rx is a herbal recipe mixed with natural ingredients from plants and sold in a pill form. Each constituent was specially selected for its valuable effects on the female reproductive system and the capability to produce overall relaxation. It is usually ingested as a supplement everyday. It boosts sexual response period, enhances libido, intensifies sexual; sensations and orgasm, and stabilizes the hormonal system for efficient reproductive operation.

Female Rx Results
The question is this, will one encounter immediate result from using Female Rx? Most people experience  increased sensation, most women notice that their responses increase highly with daily use over a period of time.

Side effects
There are no side effects associated with the intake of Female Rx. It is a 100% safe supplements made from herbs. And it doesn’t not react with other medications or even interrupt birth control.

Nevertheless, due to the herbal ingredients used for making it have effects on the whole sexual system, some ladies encounter a little enlargement of the size of their breast.

During pregnancy
It is safe to ingest Female Rx, the female libido booster, at the period of your pregnancy. It will help to boost your fertility rate. When you pregnancy test comes out positive, talk to your doctor about the medications or supplements you are consuming, inclusive of vitamins.

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We have done a thorough research and tested various female libido boosters to come out with the top 3. If you are looking for a way to boost your sexual libido, you need to select from the top 3 list. They truly work because our tests confirmed it.